Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Mike is on the Run Again :)

Mike ran the Washington DC Half Marathon in March and shaved off about 20 minutes from last year's race.
He looks great :)

In April Mike ran the "Mud Dog Run" with Peter and Jeff. They had a lot of fun.
Mike came in 12th running a 28:54. That is pretty awesome! He's pretty awesome!!

Spring 2011

Happy Easter

Cameron and Jordan look beautiful in their new dresses. I am excited to see if Jordan will be a little mini Cameron.
This is the FIRST family photo with Jordan in it. Yes it took us 6 months to do it but who is counting? :) Chase had his first experience with allergies this week. With his allergies acting up he looked bleak all weekend. I am glad we got him to the doctors on monday morning to get him on allergy meds. I love him so much and want him to feel better.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Winter 2010

We had a very mellow holiday this year. I had my ACL reconstruction and meniscus repair done on December 16th. Michael's 13th birthday was done all by mike on the 18th - birthday breakfast all the way to his birthday cake and cleanup!! He got lots of fun stuff. My mom was here to help out since i was fresh out of surgery and had a new baby. She is so selfless with her time and energy. it was not the best time to come and help out but she did and she did it lovingly a few times while i was recovering. i love her so much :) Chase played in his last Christmas recital. He sounded awesome.
For Christmas we had a quiet peaceful, relaxing day. Mike made the whole day amazing for everyone. I am so lucky to have him. So So So Lucky :)

Mike and the kids went to the Wenglers for the new years eve party. It was fun for them to play air soft with their cousins. By the end of January i was off of the crutches finally and free to walk and start physical therapy.

Mike flew to California to see Chris and Paige get married. He married a beautiful and amazing woman. He is so lucky :) They are perfect for each other!

Mike and I celebrated our 14th wedding anniversary! He is so awesome. I love him so much :) He is an amazing husband, father, and leader of Kobe's pack. Michael babysat the baby so we could go out to dinner at Yellowfin. Michael did a great job. I am so grateful for him. Chase said he wanted to clean the kitchen while i was stuck upstairs high on perkoset. He took a picture of the cleaned kitchen and texted it to me. Chase is so sweet and helpful. I am so lucky. Cameron has had the opportunity to help me with the baby out all the time and she is so excited to do it every time i need help with Jordan. Cameron is amazing. I love her so much. I really can't say enough how lucky I am for my family :)

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Fall 2010

Cameron turned 7 on September 9th. She is growing up so quickly. She played very well on her soccer team
this season with the naval academy team "bumblebees". She is such a great helper and has so much love to share with everyone. My Dad and Carol came to visit for a week. it was so much fun. We toured annapolis and ventured out to find a light house that we couldn't get into but had fun along the way. I love it when my dad visits!

October 11th at 2:30am my water broke and went into labor. We had to drive to Bethesda (national naval medical center/president's hospital). I delivered Jordan at 3:40 in the triage room waiting to be processed. She is healthy and perfect. She is so adorable!!!!!!!!!!!

We had the most relaxing next few months just enjoying Jordan and not going anywhere. I was in heaven =)
The kids fight over who can hold her and who can kiss her and who can look at her. Jordan is SO loved! She has so much hair we can put it in pony tails! She had to go to the hospital to lay under the billi lights for a few days but that was it.

She was blessed on

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Spring 2010

We had a party at our house for our friends who went to the Washington DC temple to be sealed together. It was so much fun cooking thai food for lots of people.

My infertility doctor told me that he didn't know why I couldn't get pregnant and i would need to try invetro if i wanted to have any more kids. So I broke down and cried for a few days and gave away my baby clothes and maternity clothes and was at peace with my life. I am so lucky to have such a wonderful husband and 3 beautiful children.

I was called to be the Relief Society President and laughed because thought it was a joke. it was an amazing and nerve wrecking experience starting to be the Relief Society President when i have attended Relief Society about 5 times in the past 7 years.

In March I tore my ACL and needed to have acl reconstructive surgery and minscuis repair. I went into pre op and they told me that I was pregnant. I didn't believe it because I was waiting for 6 years and now i was pregnant?? It was true and i had an ultrasound and i was 19 weeks along. I thought i was gaining a few pounds because i injured my knee and was not running. At the ultrasound they told us we were going to have a little girl. That was the most wonderful and amazing day i have had in a long long time. We are so excited to have our 4th baby!!!!! Her due date was october 29th. Now i needed to get new baby clothes and maternity clothes. fun fun fun! My surgery was postponed until after i had our baby girl.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Fall and Winter 2009

This falll we adopted Kobe! He is the best dog ever. When we adopted him from the Mid Adlantic German Shephard Society his name was Fabio. We could not say his name with out busting up laughing. So Kobe it is. He fits in well and is already trained to sit, stay, release, fetch a ball and bring it back. We can't wait for him to be trained to not run off since we have a few acres without fences. He is very protective of Tracy and the kids when Mike is not home.

Chase played soccer and had a great season. Michael and Chase started wrestling and had so much fun. It is nice to have a wrestling partner in your own home to practice with when they are not at practice. The matches were fun. It was fun to watch the kids wrestle and it was funny to watch their parents as well!

For Thanksgiving we traveled to Indiana to visit the Wenglers and Leslie Burnside's family was there to. We brought Kobe and it was fun. Well Kobe decided to help himself to the pie table when we weren't looking! We now know that Kobe LOVES pecan pie and can eat it all by himself :)

Mollie and Tim came to our home to be a part of Michael's ordination and celebrating the new year . The kids were in heaven with a mega tea party and lots of granna and grandpa time mixed with Wengler cousins to!